A Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. Travis Hulbert

Dr. Travis Hulbert has owned and operated Quest Chiropractic since 2009. As a child, Dr. Hulbert had many different sports injuries that benefited from chiropractic care. Initially, Dr. Hulbert had planned to become an orthopedic surgeon until he decided that helping people avoid drugs and surgery would be more rewarding for him as he had personally experienced the amazing benefits of chiropractic.

Dr. Hulbert and the Quest Chiropractic team are focused on providing loving, compassionate, enthusiastic, and extraordinary service. He has extensive knowledge and training when it comes to treating injuries related to auto accidents, sports and injuries related to everyday life.

Dr. Hulbert has had the privilege of working with IU Varsity athletics. While he enjoys working with athletes from all different sports, the football team has been very rewarding for Dr. Hulbert as it was a football injury that really turned him on to wanting to become a chiropractor.

In his spare time Dr. Hulbert enjoys spending time with his smoking hot wife Katie and two amazing children Teigen and Koeyn. As a family they are constantly running to extra-curricular activities, golfing or working on home projects.

Proper mobility and function are essential in obtaining an optimal life.


Angela Neal

Body Code Practitioner

My name is Angela Neal. I am married and have the honor to be a mother. My passion for wellness began at an early age. When I was in high school, I started reading about nutrition and taking an interest in physical exercise outside of just school sports. Then in college I started to dig deeper into nutrition and would turn to food for medicine. I quickly learned I felt much better when I put whole nutritious food in my body.

I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And even though I had a bachelors degree in a health related field, what I was learning and seeing in our medical system was not in alignment with where my heart was pushing me. I strongly believe we have to look at the whole body (physical, emotional and spiritual) to discover complete wellness.

I added to my knowledge of wellness and became a Certified Natural Health Professional and an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner.
My role at Quest Chiropractic Center is to help as many people as possible to CREATE WELLNESS.

I am a trained practitioner and able to help people with Body Balancing. This is a method of using biofeedback to address physical and emotional needs. I am able to discover deficiencies within the body and provide healing through nutritional support, health programs and clearing of imbalances. I also focus on the emotional wellness of individuals by revealing negative emotions and releasing them from the body.

I truly love helping others CREATE WELLNESS within their bodies and minds.
When I am not doing or thinking about wellness, you will find me outdoors hiking with my husky, Hazell, playing golf with my husband, or spending time with our children. I look forward to learning more about you and hopefully meeting you.

Ashley Francke

Office Manager
Ashley has worked in the chiropractic field for 23 years. Before accepting the office manager position at Quest in January 2011, she spent many years being the Chiropractic Assistant. Although she has always loved to help others, it was during her time as the CA that she was able to witness firsthand the true benefits of chiropractic care and how much she really wanted to help
change all of our patient’s lives for the better.

Now, being the office manager her responsibilities vary greatly. Her friendly face will greet you with a warm smile upon first entering the office. She always wants to make sure every patient’s visit is a pleasant and positive experience. Ashley can also help you with any scheduling needs, answer any questions you may have and keep you informed of your financial options and insurance inquiries. She has worked alongside Dr. Hulbert since he first graduated from chiropractic school and she’s dedicated to the growth and success of Quest Chiropractic.

Born and raised in the Bloomington area, Ashley has a deep rooted love for the Midwest and plans to call it home for many years. She is a devoted Mom of 3 very busy children, so when she is not in the office you can always find her with her family. Her children keep her busy shuffling them to and from all of their various activities. On her day off, she also really enjoys volunteering at their school. In her spare time Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, reading, shopping, crafting, eating, and organizing.

Amber David


Amber David was raised in Bloomington Indiana. She spent 10+ years in the Cosmetology industry and whole heartedly enjoys making others feel great. She understands the importance of making those around her feel heard. Amber joined the amazing team at Quest in Dec of 2021 and has since completed training to become a Licensed Chiropractic x-ray Technician in order to better assist Dr. Hulbert. Amber is looking forward to learning new things and continuing to grow into her role as the chiropractic assistant.

Outside of work Amber enjoys spending time with her husband Shavruan and their two children Nolan and Izak. Most of their time is spent watching their boys play baseball, basketball, and whatever else they decide to try. In her free time Amber’s favorite thing to do is to watch live music. She also enjoys cookouts, spending time with her nieces and nephews, as well as gatherings with family and friends.

Billy Neal

Neuropathy Assistant

Billy Neal is a Brian Cain Mental Performance Mastery and Heroic Class 8 Certified Coach. He helps athletes, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life master their mindset and install positive habits that run on autopilot.

He is married to his wife Angela and has 5 children, Cameron, Ava, Cruz , Margo and Jack.

Katie Hulbert


Katie Hulbert is the wife of Dr. Hulbert. She has taken on many roles at Quest over the last 14 years ranging from massage therapist, neuropathy assistant, to currently a floater/chiropractic assistant. Katie graduated from Sioux Falls Therapeutic Massage and Education Center in 2004.

Katie was born in DeSmet, SD. As a little girl she became ill. Her parents took her to see many doctors around the state, but found true healing with their local chiropractor. This would become the future foundation of Katie’s health journey with holistic, alternative, and functional medicine. Witnessing firsthand the benefits of chiropractic care at such a young age would be instrumental for her adult years in life. Due to her health history, Katie has found it very rewarding working at Quest as she can personally relate to those suffering from neuropathy, herniated discs, leaky gut, and so forth.

In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her two amazing kiddos, Teigen and Koeyn, keep her busy playing chauffer to all their sporting events and extra curriculars. During the summer months, she loves hosting parties at the pool, or a long weekend camping with friends. Most of all, she is glad to be back in the office working alongside her better half.

Beth Willis

Massage Therapist

Beth Willis, LMT who was born and raised in Stanford, Indiana. She graduated from Bloomington High School South in 2004 and later completed her Massage Therapy training in 2012 at AIH (Associates of Integrated Health) in Bloomington. Afterward, she joined the Quest Team in 2015, following a period of running her own small business in the field.

Beth has a particular focus on the medical aspect of massage therapy and has been working in a medical setting since her training. Her involvement with various college sports teams and athletes, where her expertise in sports massage and other techniques is valuable.

Beth’s extensive training in different massage techniques includes Swedish massage, aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, sports massage/stretching, Myofascial release 1, prenatal and postnatal massages, K-Cuts Taping, some reflexology, and cupping. This wide range of skills suggests her versatility and ability to tailor her massages to the specific needs and preferences of her clients.

Outside of her professional life, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. Her interests include family time, relaxing around a bonfire, and making the most of any opportunities to spend time in the mountains.